Essential Roles When Working On A Website Project With An External Team

This can save the total cost by finding the bugs in the early stage of development. As such, front-end developers fall back on the provided design and use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to assemble and display page content. They may also make use of scripts, dynamic libraries , and modern frameworks (such as Angular.js or React.js or Vue.js). Ensuring cross-device usability is also a field of their liability.

web team roles and responsibilities

Internal projectteamsare usually exclusive to an organization, and you have greater access to them and control over their timing and schedule. This provides a certain level of tolerance for dynamic or fast-paced cultures where priorities, needs, or goals change on a frequent basis. What each team member needs to be responsible for in order to ensure a speedy and successful project.


The quality analysts are entrusted with the job of ensuring the quality of the project or product development by the development team. They evaluate web applications based on the various critical aspects that were promised as a part of the deliverables and meet the quality standards of the organization. Next, a requirements analyst is one of the most important roles in your startup team. Importantly, a requirements analyst communicates with your clients to get an understanding of their project ideas and goals.

web team roles and responsibilities

Also, these specialists are responsible for database creation and management. The web development team structure can vary based on the project’s complexity, scale, and even deadlines, as each project is unique. In this article, we are going to talk about the key specialists of a web development team, their responsibilities, and how to create a team that fits your project needs and requirements.

After defining roles, you should define the tasks and responsibilities of each role. Individual responsibilities will help the team focus and build a solid structure. In turn, this technical task will be used by the web development team to determine the timeline and prepare the project. For some web teams, they are also tasked with dividing their budget in the most efficient way possible, accounting for both the cost of people and necessary tech.

The 4 essential roles you need to understand

What are the possible roles and responsibilities in the web development team? A solution architect is a person who understands the project and creates a wireframe that visualizes all aspects of applications aligning with the business vision. In some cases, a solution architect showcases the correlations of one page to another using blocks. The intention is to display how users would maneuver between pages and how the information on the website will be accessible to users.

  • In fact, for the successful implementation of the project, you will have to assemble a whole team of diversified experts.
  • Design is a milestone that defines the direction of the entire project.
  • To do that, the specialist has to elicit, analyze, and document product requirements.
  • Apart from developers, a software development project involves other roles in order to succeed.
  • The project manager needs to stay on top of all the technical work and this means coordinating tasks on project management tools like Asana and Trello.
  • They estimate what works and what doesn’t work and set the direction for business development, taking into account the latest web development trends.

These specifications are used to build the framework of the project under which the developer team starts working. If you deal with a reliable software vendor, you can be sure that the process of developing a web application will be well established, and the roles of all involved specialists will be clearly defined. In addition, developers are a core component for any web development startup. Depending on their expertise, these computer programmers code client and server-side applications for your clients.

Website Development Team Structure Every Startup Should Know About

In turn, these specifications will be used by the web development team to set time frames and get ready for the project. So, every custom web development company may have it’s own spectrum of services and the number of web development team members can vary. Let’s consider the core web development team roles, required skills and talents, that will make together a strong base for a good team. The main responsibility of a quality assurance engineer involves that the website passes QA tests at different stages of development. To do that, they’ll require a good understanding of the project requirement and prepare QA test strategies accordingly.

Ready to upgrade your current website and drive user engagement with a web application? They create the client-side of the site and make sure the product looks great on any device as well as works stable on any browser. The back-end powers all features those buttons and forms have to perform. For example, a registration button may look great but it won’t perform its main function without back-end code behind it.

In addition to managing the Operations and Delivery of projects at Prismetric, he likes to read and write a lot about the latest in technology. New app technologies, gadget fascinations, and big technology announcements kindle the writer in him spontaneously. They work in tandem with web developers to ensure the development of a quality web product. You must ensure your web system, UI/UX components, Databases, APIs, and even third-party services work as intended. These specialists work with text and create written content corresponding to your brand voice.

The responsibility of backend developers is the server-side of the web application. Simply put, their work comprises everything except for animation and visuals. I.e, it’s not enough to visualize buttons by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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This is how a website development process takes place at Truemark and most of the professional companies. The above-mentioned specialists are assigned to their respective roles and responsibilities to build a complete website. Some companies may go deeper and hire an extra specialist to tune-in with the current market demand but that is not mandatory. These are the technical personnel working uninterruptedly in building the website. They design the website, add features, functionalities, and test it from the user’s point of view. Each of the following specialists has significant importance in overall website development.

To help you better understand the value of each role, I invite you to learn more about each team member. There is no doubt that breaking the team into smaller segments allows an organization to use resources efficiently and increase the development speed. A website cannot connect with the users if it does not contain useful content. You need to incorporate articles, lifehacks, reviews, or tips-n-tricks to engage your potential viewers.

Understanding The Web Development Team Structure

It is also necessary for team members to receive proper acknowledgement for their contributions to the team. Just because they may work behind the scenes on a project does not exclude them from being vital members and privy to celebration. By exploring and understanding the roles of a web team individually, the strengths and weaknesses can be capitalized and developed on. Drop us a line and we’ll send you the list of available developers you can hire for the project now.

Project Manager

Product development cannot exist without a project manager who keeps abreast of all developmental processes. The code of back-end part describes interactions between these elements and between them and the front-end part. The coordinated work of front-end and back-end developers is crucial for every website project, which is impossible without any of these parts.

Why Choose Arka Softwares?

Based on these concerns, here are some tips for ensuring an effective development team structure. Design is a milestone that defines the direction of the entire project. You will come across at least two types of design — user interface design and user experience design. Typically, web development teams are made up of one designer who fills both of these roles. However, the web development team will not be able to build a real product based on your original requirements. The business analyst must translate them into a clear project specification that the team can follow.

So, hold off the thought of hiring a freelancer to build an e-commerce store or a membership website like Udemy. Each of these roles is essential in a successful website project, and without each person pulling their weight, the project can easily become hamstrung or veer off course. Things take a long time to get into or through development after being specified by the project owner, because they aren’t being adequately broken down by a technical contributor. Leading and mentoring the development team to be more efficient and effective contributors. Breaking down the technical approach for large tasks after high-level requirements have been defined.

They also ensure the web pages are functional and responsive on all devices and browsers. Once the web project architecture is built and approved, the Project Architect starts coordinating with the project managers, web developers, QA testers, UI/UX designers, etc. We web team roles and responsibilities have two approaches here, either you can have your own dedicated web development team, or you can hire web development resources from an outsourcing web development company. Such organizations can offer you a customized team that can suit your business requirements.

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